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The easy way to save for retirement

Helping employers grow and workers plan for the future

MyCTSavings helps employers offer a great new benefit and provides a seamless way for employees to save and plan for retirement.

MyCTSavings is overseen by the Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller. State law requires that all businesses with 5 or more employees that do not already offer a qualified retirement plan register before their required deadline.

MyCTSavings is also available for:

  • Connecticut workers whose employers do not offer a workplace retirement plan

  • Self-employed individuals

  • Others who want an easy way to save in a Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) they can take wherever their career leads

Benefits to help you succeed

Employer benefits

  • No cost for employers

  • Getting started is fast, easy, and secure

  • Works seamlessly with any payroll process

  • Stay competitive by offering a great benefit to your employees

  • Requires very little time and administration

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Saver benefits

  • It’s your money — your account and funds go with you as your career changes

  • Secure, simple way to save for retirement

  • Flexible contribution levels to meet your needs

  • It’s voluntary — stay enrolled automatically or opt out and re-enroll later

  • Access to people and online tools to help answer your questions

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MyCTSavings has Retirement Savings for Businesses with 5+ Employees and No Retirement Plan

Financial security is a growing concern!

In a recent study, one in four Americans said they had no retirement savings.¹


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