Payroll providers

Get help facilitating MyCTSavings

We’ve made it easy for employers to submit payroll contributions

Employers that have registered with MyCTSavings may choose to work with their payroll provider to administer the program. We’ve made this process easy.

The employer portal seamlessly integrates with many leading payroll providers, including Gusto, Paylocity, Payroll Specialties, and Quickbooks Online. And don’t worry: If you don’t currently use an external payroll provider, or if they’re not interested in an integration, the process to manually upload payroll contributions is quick and simple.

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Introduction to Payroll Integrations

MyCTSavings Payroll Integrations

What employers should know

Once you’ve registered your business, talk with your payroll provider to see if they can help you facilitate MyCTSavings. If they can help, simply add your payroll representatives as a teammate in your MyCTSavings account.

Giving your payroll provider teammate access through the employer portal can also allow them to manage your employee list and process payroll if they do not require an integration. If they have an integration in place, this access may still be needed to keep your employee list up to date.

You can add your payroll provider as a teammate and authorize them to take action on your behalf.

Learn how to give your payroll provider team access

What payroll providers should know

We’ve made the process to facilitate MyCTSavings easy and streamlined. Discuss MyCTSavings with your client to make sure that they are in compliance with state mandated deadlines.


If you would like to set up an integration, reach out to

For employee census data and contributions, you may want to reference one of the following:

Using the employer portal

Prepare for a bulk upload of employee census data. If you’d like to know what’s required or if you’d like to compile employee information manually in advance, please use this template.

Payroll providers have an option to bulk upload employee payroll files or to enter the employee information manually. To ensure that you have all of the required employee information in advance, please use this template.