Discover the Many Benefits of MyCTSavings from Small Businesses Across Connecticut!

Published on 9/01/2022

Small businesses and employees across Connecticut are already raving about the many benefits of the recently launched MyCTSavings retirement savings program. We caught up with a few employers and savers and heard firsthand what their experience was like participating in the program.

“Having this program, especially working for a small business, is empowering, and I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to save for the future.” – Christian, employee at Lorca Coffee Bar

Discover how MyCTSavings is helping to remove financial barriers for small businesses and providing employers with a new, exciting way for their employees to save for their financial future. Three locally-owned Connecticut small businesses — The Well for Women, JCHI Cleaning, and Lorca Coffee Bar — sat down with us to share their thoughts.

MyCTSavings Testimonial Video

MyCTSavings applies only to employers that don’t offer a qualified retirement savings plan for their staff. If you already offer one, use your unique Access Code and EIN to certify your exemption here.

If you are a Connecticut business and haven’t enrolled in MyCTSavings yet, get started today. And if you’re a business with 26 or more employees, be sure to sign up before your deadline to register on October 31st!