Learn how MyCTSavings can benefit your nonprofit!

Published on 7/27/2022

“The program here today can give people hope. And it can help you keep good staff. And that means it will help the people who depend on nonprofits for services, and all at no cost to the employer.” – Gian-Carl Casa, President and CEO, The Alliance 

AARPCT and The Alliance recently hosted a webinar with the Office of the State Comptroller discussing all of the benefits of MyCTSavings for the nonprofit community. If you missed it, be sure to view the full recording of the event where you can learn all about MyCTSavings, employer eligibility, how to sign up, and ways to help educate your employees on the program.

MyCTSavings Informational Webinar (July 19, 2022)

The lack of private retirement savings programs means many nonprofit employees are faced with the decision to choose between the work they do to help others and their own future.

With MyCTSavings, employees don’t have to make that choice and can start contributing to their retirement today. Watch the webinar to explore how you can give your employees hope for their tomorrow with MyCTSavings.